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There is so much great news in the world—great news by and about women.

Women are doing amazing things and we have incredible stories to share—stories that reveal strengths and vulnerabilities that help all of us grow.

There's other good news too. Cool apps, great TV shows to binge on, hacks to help us at work and at home, with family life, personal health, fashion and beauty. And stories of great friendships—and great hair (because who doesn't love a good hair day?).

At Spring.St, we're all that and more because we're also about women making change and being smart.

Simply put, at Spring.St we want to do the Internet differently for women 30-plus by creating content that's both engaging and positive.

Give a look and let us know what you think. And welcome again to Spring.St!

Spring.St is a division of the Mamamia Women's Network, Australia's largest women's media company.

Jennifer owens ss staff


Jennifer Owens

Jennifer is new to Spring.st, but not to editing smart content for smart women. Formerly editorial director of Working Mother Media and founding director of the Working Mother Research Institute, Jennifer is not surprisingly a working mom of two. She’s also a singer for Two Minute Thrills, a somewhat failed DIY-er and passionate advocate for helping overly fulfilled women live better lives.

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Imogen dewey ss staff

Deputy Editor

Imogen Dewey

Want to know what’s happening, ask Imogen. She’s our go-to seeker of the best trends, breaking news and surprising strategies that will help make women’s lives just a little bit better. She’s also in charge of making our site great—so you know, no big thing—and in her abundant free time writes on news, pop culture, fashion and all good things we want to know more about.

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Sarah jane collins

Commissioning & Special Projects Editor

Sarah-Jane Collins

An award-winning writer, Sarah-Jane has covered politics, education, crime, science, the arts and the environment as a journalist and editor. For Spring.St she covers everything from love, family and pop culture, to politics and work, while also commissioning and editing, and just generally helping to set the tone.  

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Caitlin stower ss staff

Social Media Manager

Caitlin Stower

When it comes to connecting with women and serving our Spring.St fans, Caitlin is on the case. Whatever the platform, Caitlin makes it work better not only for us, but for women seeking the strategies they need right NOW to get through the day. That’s why, too, Caitlin is also always on the hunt for real-life women’s stories to share—stories that help us learn, make us laugh, and even lean in to get involved.

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New ff pic

Associate Editor

Sara Nachlis

Sara leads our Los Angeles office, writing about pop culture, celebrity news and anything that bubbles up in the zeitgeist we call life. Her prolific work crosses platforms—edit, video, social—and we’re so glad it does because it gives us daily opportunity to put her deeeep knowledge to work answering all those “Whatever happened to…” questions that can fill our day.

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Catherine santino ss staff

Staff Writer

Catherine Santino

What woman has enough time time for herself? Catherine is here to help, rounding up the best style, beauty and personal health strategies, news and trends that we need to know right now. She’s also our morning newshound, creating our daily cheat sheet to keep us in the know. Even cooler, she’s also an improviser, actor, comedian, and singer—and advocate for women’s issues and mental health awareness.

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Kelsey fink ss staff

Video Editor

Kelsey Fink

Having worked for years on films big and small, Kelsey now makes our stories come alive through video and animation, creating all of our “gotta watch” shorts designed to help us all better understand the latest news, viral sensation or even, what makes a new celebrity trend somewhat useful in real life. She’s also the engine behind our growing Facebook Live series.

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Delia barth ss staff

Video Producer

Delia Barth

With her enthusiasm for video, Delia is in charge of planning and scripting the videos that make it onto Spring.St. She teaches us all how to get through the day (and life) in style with our how-to video series. And then there’s her passion for what really gets us all  through the day—and her stories about the things that make us stop and think. Delia also serves as our de facto Chief Happiness Officer, making sure Spring.St remains a happy place for the smart women who work here! Her Twitter is not listed here, because she mostly uses it to retweet Andy Richter.

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Fahima chowdhury

Social Media Coodinator

Fahima Chowdhury

It's one thing to find great stories for and about women. It's another to make sure those women can see them. Fahima is the gatekeeper of our social channels, sending Spring.St's stories to the world—and somehow finds time in there to write them as well.

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How to write for Spring.St (or ask Spring.St to write about you)

We're so glad you're interested in Spring.St. We are a community for women over 30 who are passionate about their careers, their families, their friends, and genuinely care about what's going in the world.

And while there are plenty of places you can get your fix of doom and gloom, at Spring.St we're all about looking at the issues through a positive lens, or at the least, having a laugh when we can.

We want to help make life better for women, even if it's just by providing a useful tip or a chuckle when you need it most.

But we’re not adverse to big ideas either.

If you think you’ve got an idea that fits that brief, we want to know about it.

Please spend some time reading the site to get a feel for what we love, then hit us with your best.

If you want to write for Spring.St, we commission articles and essays on a wide range of topics and we absolutely want to hear from you.

If you’d like to write for us, please email [email protected]

Give a brief outline of your idea, how long you think it should be, and if there’s any art that goes with it. If possible, include examples of previously published work, and if you have a rate in mind let us know.



Still not sure what we’re looking for? Here are some of our favorite stories to inspire you:

Definitive Proof 'You'll Re-Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress!' Will Never Happen

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"How a Stranger Made the Worst Day of My Life a Little Better"

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"I Didn't Shower for a Week in the Name of Science"

If you’d like to pitch us a story about any of these events (or suggest something new to add to the list), let us know!


All month: National Autism Awareness Month

4          Women’s Equal Pay Day

22        Earth Day

23-9     Sleep Awareness Week

30        The First 100 Days: Spring.St grades the Trump Administration so far.


All month: Mental Health Month; Skin Cancer Awareness Month

1          Met Gala

1-6       National Small Business Week

8          National Women’s Checkup Day

14        Mother’s Day

14-20   National Women’s Health Week

17-28   Cannes Film Festival

29        Getting ready for Memorial Day


All month: LGBTQI Pride Month

5          CFDA Fashion Awards

6          Mid-year career review: Get on track—and cut yourself some slack

12-18   National Men’s Health Week

18        Father’s Day


4          Get ready for Independence Day

11        Mid-year financial review: Get on track—and cut yourself some slack

25        Spring.St’s smart Back to School/Back to Work Guide


1-7       World Breastfeeding Week

26        Women’s Equality Day

27        MTV Video Music Awards


4          Labor Day and thinking about careers

7-14     Women’s New York Fashion Week

17        69th Primetime Emmy Awards


All month: Breast Cancer Awareness Month; National Cyber Security Awareness Month; Depression Awareness Month

16        World Food Day

17        National Flex Day

31        Getting ready for Halloween


All month: National Adoption Awareness Month; Military Family Appreciation Month

15        National Philanthropy Day

21        Spring.St's Holiday Gift Guides: For kids, colleagues, friends, spouses, familyand yourself


All month: National Human Rights Month

12-20   Hanukkah

25        Christmas

26        Spring.St’s Smart Woman’s Guide to 2018

Guidelines for Sharing and Republishing Spring.St Content

Like something you’ve read on Spring.St so much that you’d like to republish it? Great! We love to share.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Social sharing

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Full articles on the web

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  • Wait two weeks following publication on Spring.St to re-post your article.
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Translation of articles

You are welcome to translate one article from Spring.St into another language. If you would like to translate additional articles, please email us at [email protected]

Content Attribution Policy

For summaries, social sharing, reprints and videos and custom images, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

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Questions? Send them to [email protected]


Republishing Content Terms

Spring.St is always on the hunt for great content to share with our readers. When our editors find a great story, they will reach out to its writer and/or the site it was originally published on to gain written permission first.

If approved, Spring.St will publish the article with the author’s byline and if requested, a link back to the original story as well as any other necessary links. Spring.St will attempt in all good faith to abide by all trademarks and copyrights related to the original piece.

Spring.St reserves the right to edit any article for publication on our site. Stories that appear on Spring.St may also be syndicated globally onto our partner platforms, including Apple News and MSN, as well as Mamamia, our Australian sister site.