'I Tried Red Lipstick as an Under-Eye Concealer and It Actually Worked'

There is no shortage of crazy-looking makeup hacks on the internet.

But are some of them just crazy enough to work? We set out to find answers to this deeply important question, starting with the weirdest hack we've seen around recently: red lipstick as a concealer.

Searching this term on YouTube yields no less than 450,000 results of women slapping on a brightly-colored lip product under their eyes, looking like something out of a horror film.

Screenshot via YouTube

Why it works

Apparently, the red tones are meant to cancel out blue and purple tones that tend to make an appearance under the eyes.

How to do it

Any shade of red should do. After blending the lipstick in a bit, it is advised to then apply a concealer on top, and proceed to blend that as well.

Apply all your other makeup as you normally would, and boom: goodbye, dark circles.

The result

The result was hardly the red-smeared mess as we had anticipated—in fact, it looked quite nice.

The combination of the red lip and the light concealer resulted in a muted pink/peach shade, which gave a nice flush to the tops of the cheeks and brightened up the face overall.

A pleasant surprise, given the horrifying look of the initial step. And definitely worth adding to your book of tricks for the next time you're feeling a little…haggard.