Why Is Your Boss Being Horrible?

Have you ever had a boss who was—for lack of a better, more descriptive word—an asshole?

The kind of boss who makes you dread going into work because you know he or she is going to make your day miserable?

If the answer is yes, you can take solace in a new study. It turns out your boss's behavior has as negative of an effect on him or her as it does on you.

According to a new study published in the Academy of Management Journalabusive leaders report feeling less respected, autonomous and competent in the office—and have more trouble relaxing after work.

The study basically shows how power can go to one's head.

When leaders feel powerful, they are more likely to act in an abusive fashion to subordinates and co-workers, and this, in turn, has a negative effect on their own happiness.

On the other hand, the study suggests that bosses who are more agreeable, and who place a value on creating positive relationships and a harmonious workplace, may be less stressed.

And a less stressed boss is more likely to create that harmonious workplace in the first place, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So the next time your boss goes out of their way to make work the worst by belittling you, remember they probably had a terrible night the night beforeand every night.

But hopefully the negative effects they experience from their bad behavior will encourage them to turn it around.

H/t: Futurity