Science Says Pregnant Women Who Get Puppies Have Healthier Babies

Today in very cute science: Getting a puppy while pregnant is likely to result in a healthy baby.

According to data collected by researchers at the University of Alberta, adding a pet into the mix when you're expecting could be extremely beneficial for your child's health.

The research found that households with pets (70 percent of which were dogs) resulted in babies with higher levels of two gut bacteria linked to decreased risks of obesity and allergic disease.

The study also suggests that newborns are still likely to benefit from prenatal exposure alone—benefits were seen even in families who get rid of their dog before birth.

(But seriously, why would anyone do that?)

A 2015 study from the London School of Economics also suggests that babies born to mothers in their late 30s are more intelligent and healthy than those born to women in their 20s or 40s.

So, in summary—there's no need to stress about not having children in your 20s, and you now have a scientific excuse to get a puppy.

Happy Monday.

H/t: Science of Us