A Group of Moms Is Making Hijabs for Dolls so Young Girls Feel Represented

For today's dose of people doing kickass things, a U.S. not-for-profit, For Good, is creating hijab dolls so children have access to toys that represent Muslim women.

Created in Pittsburgh by three mothers, Safaa Bokhari, Gisele Fetterman, and Kristen Michaels, Hello Hijab is a line of stylish, handmade headscarves—$6 each—with the mission of ensuring Muslim kids are and feel represented in mainstream society.

Hello Hijab! ????????

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After noticing the lack of diversity and inclusiveness in the dolls her daughter, Grace was playing with, Fetterman came up with the idea behind Hello Hijab to make sure Grace had access to dolls "that look like the mothers and grandmothers of so many of her Muslim friends," she wrote on her website.

Hello Hijab is an initiative empowering the multicultural community. (Image via Hello Hijab)

Focused on projects that empower marginalized groups, For Good will donate all profits from Hello Hijab sales to local charities serving and empowering multicultural communities.

The range is available to purchase online here.

This post originally appeared on Mamamia, Spring.St's Australian sister site. You can read it here.