Ivanka Trump's White House Role Is a Mystery, Even to Her Co-Workers

The President's daughter Ivanka Trump is a jack of many trades.

The former model runs a jewelery business and recently published a book about women who work, creatively titled Women who Work (and widely panned, of course).

She's also an advisor to her father Donald Trump but, um, no one really seems to know in what capacity.

The point is she's very working hard, however. Look, here she is working very hard on Twitter:

Now, we're all agreed human trafficking is a noble enough cause to be working very hard against, but also we're all agreed we have no clue she might be doing that because no one—not even her employers at The White House—seems to know what her job title is.


Okay, so a quick google will tell you her job is "assistant to the president" which is about as open to interpretation as her father's recent one-word tweet.

It also wasn't enough to stop Twitter gleefully tearing her to shreds.

One other thing we can all agree on is that Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar is basically all of us for the next few years.

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