How to Sleep on a Plane (Without Taking Pills)—and Wake Up Refreshed

There's not much worse than embarking on a long flight and not being able to fall asleep. Although medication can help some of us doze off easily, for many it's just not an option.

Here are our best tips to help you sleep the next time you hop on a plane.

Dress the part

Wear loose-fitting clothes to stay comfortable. But try to keep clothing tight on your calves for better sleep inducing blood-flow. (Think tight socks, leg warmers or soccer pants.)

Prevent interruptions

Waking up mid-sleep will leave you feeling off and unsatisfied. Keep yourself from being woken up by the plane crew each time the seatbelt light goes on by keeping your seatbelt on and in a visible spot.

Skip inflight accommodations

Skipping inflight alcoholic beverages will make sleeping easier. And although all those inflight snacks seem like a great idea, eating too much may also keep you up.

Don't get sucked into screens

Artificial light from devices like in-flight TVs can trick your brain into staying up. Skip the movie and try reading a book or magazine instead.

Get comfy

Recline your chair and sit with your legs apart. Crossing your legs will be more likely to wake you up throughout your rest.

Choose your seat when possible

A window seat will make it easier to get comfortable and give you a place to lean. An added bonus is that when you land the natural light will help prevent jet lag.

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