Sometimes TV Shows Hide Actors' Pregnancies Well. Sometimes…They Don't

How do shows deal when one of their key actors gets pregnant? There seem to be a few methods of hiding TV pregnancy. Some of which are okay. Others just flat-out don't work.

Here are eight different ways to hide a TV pregnancy:

1. Write it into the storyline.

Like Pam on The Office.

2. Cover it with a large bag.

Sex and the City, anyone? Carrie does love her a good accessory, I guess.

3. Make the character wear large coats indoors.

Yes, really. Looking at you, Olivia Pope.

4. Literally just cover it with a package.

Seinfeld's Elaine on the subway, randomly carrying an enormous gift? Subtle, guys.

5. Or some…hunting overalls?

Not that anyone would debate that Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope is a crack shot.

6. Get the character abducted by aliens.

Which, to be fair, is not that far outside of The X-Files wheelhouse.

7. Hide it behind a nativity set.

At least this is thematically on point, Desperate Housewives.

8. Pretend it's a food baby.

That How I Met Your Mother hot dog-eating contest isn't there for no reason.

Take a look at our video and see for yourself which of these approaches work, and which, er, don't. At all.