Gal Gadot Reveals How She Hid Her Pregnancy While Shooting 'Wonder Woman'

Super-hero superstardom hasn't seemed to change Gal Gadot.

The super friendly actress and working mom of two may have gone interstellar with the release of Wonder Woman, the first superhero movie headed by a female lead. Still, the 32-year-old Israeli remains a humble, grounded delight whose sense of humor is a much as part of her appeal as her stunning screen presence.

"All day I've been saying Wonder Woman is 76 years old and a journalist said to me, "She looks great for her age." And I just said, "That's the result of exercise, good thoughts and saving the world. It's a simple formula.'"

Simple, but like the pressure now laid on Gadot's own shoulders, tough to carry through in real life.

A former model and Miss Israel, Gadot first landed the role of Diana Prince (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) in Zack Snyder's critically derided Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and immediate attracted critics who complained of her lack of experience and even her skinny frame, which trolls deemed unsuitable as compared to the curves of Lynda Carter, of 1970s Wonder Woman fame.

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Nevertheless, Gadot emerged as the savior of B vs S, with experts likening her performance to a phoenix from the ashes—which only generated more expectation for her first standalone Wonder Woman movie.

Today, Gadot's gutsy, powerful performance is an encouraging sign of what's to come from the new star, who splits her time between Tel Aviv and Los Angeles with husband, Yaron Varsano, and their two daughters, Alma, 6, and Maya, 4 months.

Spring St: Does it make you proud to be leading the first superhero movie for young girls to look up to?

Gal Gadot: As wonderful as it is to work on the first female superhero film, as great as that is for young girls to witness and absorb, it's just as important for the boys.

Wonder Woman speaks to all genders, and I don't know if the same can be said for some other superheroes, which makes me proud. She's got the combination of femininity and super strength, what is better than that.


Do you think it would have been a very different film if Wonder Woman was directed by a man?

It's not about whether a woman would have been better for the job than a man. It was about the right person, having the most talented person, someone who knew the Wonder Woman story so well, who had a history with it.

[Director Patty Jenkins] is a fan. She's excited to not only tell the story but see the story unfold like all the other fans. She truly believes in the magic of Wonder Woman, believes in her belief in truth, compassion, love.

Are those strengths of yours, do you think?

I would like to think I do, yes. My grandfather was a profound influence on me and he remained in my mind for much of this shoot because of the dominating theme of compassion throughout. He was a Holocaust survivor and he always taught me from when I was a little girl, No matter what happens to you in life, always find your light.

He lost his entire family in the Holocaust but always focused on love and generosity and affection. We need all those things more than ever today. 

It's a shame he never got to see you as Wonder Woman.

It is. He would have loved it so much. I miss him but I want to teach the same lessons he taught me to my children, pass it down.

Speaking of children, you were pregnant during the shoot!

Well, no. It was the reshoots where I was pregnant. But it didn't hinder the process, I could still do the action stuff and physical scenes. Maybe had I been eight months, then that could have been an issue!

So your youngest is in the movie, basically.

She has an entry on IMDB—it took me years and she's not even born and already an actress! [laughs]

Did you even have a hint of a bump at that stage?

There was a little one there, which they had to cover up with film magic. I had this green piece on my stomach so they could alter it in post-production. It looked really funny.

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What does your eldest think of you being Wonder Woman?

Actually, when she was on set with me, all she cared about were the treats at the craft service table! That was heaven—that and Chris [Pine]. She only had eyes for Chris. Always flirting [laughs]. I didn't exist. Mum is Wonder Woman, that's old news.

She's seen me in the costume so many times, it's boring. At the beginning, it was a novelty, but it's now what her mom does.