This Decade's Trendiest Baby Names Are so, so Far From Jennifer and Jason

Kids growing up today have a much different way of life. They have so many learning avenues. They have the internet. They have Beyoncé.

But there's one thing they probably don't have and that's a friend named Jennifer.

Baby name website Nameberry analyzed the U.S. Social Security Administration's baby names data of 2016 compared to 2006 and pulled out the names and trends that have gone up the most in use over the decade. And according to their research, where Jennifer was the name of the 1970s, Royalty might be the name of the last decade, having become 58 times more popular in the last 10 years.

Nameberry also noticed some interesting trends. Trends that should provide you a map for the names that sound unique, fresh, and fun now—but are likely to take over and become the Marilyns or Gladys of the future.

Ad- Names

Girl's names that start with "Ad" are having a major moment this decade.

"Adalynn is 31 times as popular now as it was in 2006, followed by Adaline which is 26 times as popular, Addilyn at 21 times, and Adley at 19 times," writes Nameberry. 

But the trend is likely to only gain momentum as on the SS Administrations list, the most popular form of the name, Adeline was only number 63 meaning most parents haven't realized how widespread it is yet. Meaning you're going to hear a lot of Adeline's graduate high school in 2035.

And Nameberry notes that changing up the spelling or going with a different variation like Adley, are unlikely to make your kid more unique.

"Ironically, Caitlin in all her variations—from Katelynn to Kaitlyn to Caitlyn—held the same dominant position a decade ago," they explain. "Once parents realized how cumulatively popular the name had become, they largely abandoned it so that now many spellings have fallen from the Top 1000."

-Lee Names

Names ending with the "lee" sound are gaining popularity for both boys and girls. Paisley is the third hottest girl's name, proving 31 times more popular today than it was 10 years ago. On the boys' side, Brantley is now 27 times more popular a name that it was a decade ago, making is the second hottest name of the last decade.

Adley, Blakely, Henley, and Paisley all made the list on the girls' side, while Bentley, Finnley and Kingsley all showed up on the boys.

Check out Nameberry's full list here. To all the future Royaltys, Adalynns, and Paisleys complaining about how unoriginal their names are, I, a woman who grew up with the 27th most popular name the year I was born, Sara, say this:

Get over it.

H/t: Nameberry