A Mom Mailed Her Son a Care Package Full of the Garbage He Left at Home

I've never received a "care package" from either of my parents. A woman at work gets sent one every now and again from her mom. It's packed with all those things at the bottom of the grocery list that are unnecessarily expensive, but all too necessary for everyday life. Shampoo. Snack foods. Tampons.

Care packages are all the rage amongst college kids. Deliveries of cardboard boxes are the only things sustaining students through four years of red cups filled with alcohol and complicated round-robins of beer pong.

One mother was having none of it.

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Terri Cox, mother of 18-year-old Westminster College freshman Connor Cox, sent her son a care package of a different kind.

It was a cardboard box filled with the garbage he had forgotten to take to the bin while staying at her house for a holiday break.

"I have raised and taught Connor better than this, and his actions deserve consequences—even if they are humorous,” Terri told Buzzfeed. 

Connor shared an image of the 'care package' via Twitter:

It wasn't even trash from the garbage. It was from his bedroom floor.

"Actually it was the trash you left on your floor," Connor's sister Mackenzie replied to his tweet. "She [mom] was v proud of herself hahaha."

Absolute mom goals…Oh, and lesson learned.

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